Pneumatic Retracts

Pneumatic Retracts

Two sizes of pneumatic retract are manufactured and these are designed for models up to nominal weights of 7Kg and 15Kg.

(Where models have excellent flying characteristics and/or have a light wing loading, these units will handle heavier model weights, conversely some models require heavier duty units).

These units are air up/down in operation and have our patented adjustable retract angle and individually adjustable speed control.   Normal operating pressure is up to 5.5 bar (80psi) but because of the special seals we use, the units will operate satisfactorily over a wide pressure range.   They are available with adjustable retraction angles in the nominal ranges of 80°-90°, 85°-95° and 90°-100°.   Other ranges are available to order.

We can also manufacture the pivot block with different face angles to accommodate a range of pintle geometries (this allows the wheel to lay flat in the wing when retracted while tracking correctly when extended see addendum).   These units are also available with twist and turn geometry having both adjustable twist and retraction angle.

Special arrangements can also be made to order, for example having the oleo leg retracting away from or beside the cylinder for applications were space is limited.

Pneumatic sets come with attachment pins, fill and operating valves, tubing, ‘T’ pieces, and a reservoir bottle adaptor.

All units are manufactured from high tensile aluminium alloys, some of which are custom made extrusions, and other materials of the best commercially available quality.   All parts are serviceable and the units are fully guaranteed.