Oleo Legs

Oleo Legs

We were the first and probably still are the only manufacturer to offer sprung oleo legs that are damped in operation.  This is accomplished using a special grease in conjunction with a rubber `O’ ring.   They are manufactured in nominal diameters of 13, 16 and 19 mm and to any length within reason from high tensile aluminium alloys.

Half fork ends (as P.51 Mustang style) in two sizes are also available and full (n) shaped fork ends can be made to order.

The oleos are normally attached to the retract, etc., with spring steel pins which provide a `weak link’ in the event of a hard landing or crash, but other arrangements, for example mounting plates or clamp rings can be accommodated.

We have on offer 3 types of oleo leg, scale, sport and special oleo legs.

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