Mechanical Retracts


Mechanical available in retracts are a range of fixed retraction angles from 82° to 98° to suit most scale models. These units are of all metal construction, have positive up and down locks and feature balancing springs to ease servo operation.

They are generally suitable for aircraft of up to 7Kg in weight. Each unit has a 5mm hole (for 6 gauge wire) to accept spring steel wire or to attach oleo legs. These units can be operated by either retract servo/s, pneumatic cylinders (we manufacture two sizes with adjustable speed control) or our high power, low speed, electric actuator.

A special model is also available for the Brian Taylor Mosquito which has twin sprung struts retracting rearwards.

Lightweight tailwheel retracts are also available in two configurations.

We also manufacture a small, lightweight but robust retract. This is made from glass reinforced nylon and is suitable for smaller, light models up to `60′ size.

Note 1
Mechanical sets consist of a pair of retracts, oleos and spring steel connecting/wheel stubs.

Note 2
If time permits, we may be able to manufacture other retract/oleo sets. Please enquire for details.