Special Oleo Legs

Special oleo legs are available in a variety of configurations including straight, forked (e.g P51 style) full fork (inverted U) and other arrangements.

When ordering special oleos, it is necessary to provide the following information:

  1. Length from top (retract face) from centre of axle (mm or ins.) unsprung.
  2. Nominal diameter (13-16 or 19mm)
  3. Top hole size for attachment (mm, ins. or wire gauge)
  4. Axle size (mm, ins or wire gauge)
  5. Wheel size (mm or ins, both diameter and width)
  6. Style (straight, half fork, full fork etc.)
  7. Special requirements (special attachment to model/retract)

If fitting to retracts other than ours it should be ensured that the retracts used will accept oleo legs.  With some retracts, notably those having a slim form (low depth) the oleo can foul the mechanism on retraction and this should be checked before ordering.